Monday, 30 March 2015

Welcome To The Potting Shed Monmouth

A year ago, No.1 The Barton, looked like this:  Empty, Neglected, Smashed In, Completely Broken, and Totally Unloved.  Personally, I could WELL 'relate to that'.

Because as well as being on my fourth or fifth course of Lumbar Injections in half of those years, I was wondering just how I was going to continue gardening professionally, when in reality, I could barely walk.......

And in all honesty, not being convinced that the Wife of my Osteopath would actually welcome me LIVING full time with them in their Treatment Room, I was beginning to think I needed to come up with a 'Plan B':

So, huge credit, where credit is due, No.1 The Barton looks like this now, ONLY because of Trousers, and our extremely tame builder, Gordie, Gordie, Gordie, who one of these fine days, we may find a way of thanking him with far more than a Mug of Tea and a Chocolate Biskwit.

Heart on my sleeve, I don't think my Dad would recognise me as his daughter these days if he were alive.  But I do know just how very proud he was of me, and seriously would be of me today for 'inventing this business out of  nothing but the belief in my own ability and his own belief in me all those years ago', which I've always held close to my heart.

And once upon a time, he invented his own business too, from nothing, working endless hours through the night at his desk, and in his home-built Recording Studio.......
Which leads me beautifully......... where I used to record 'Two Ronnies' Jokes' on Cassette with him to send to my Uncle Mark to make him laugh...?

My Dad's favourite joke at the time of recording was:

"The Pound had a good day today.
It got up early, went to the park, had a nice lunch......" and for the LIFE of me, I can't remember the ending.....?!
Two Ronnies Jokes were so.........'Family?' and just absolutely Barker-Bonkers.  I loved them.
We had SOO many 'Sound Recording Studio 'TAKES' on that little beauty', because Wellie just kept 'corpsing'.
TAKE 2......TAKE 3......TAKE 4..... 5........6.......7...!x

And then there was 'The Snail Joke'...., which never quite 'went away'?

And being quite honest with you, I'm not sure I could ever have told him 'The Noddy Joke', without the two of us having shared a sherbet or two too many?

THIS week at The Potting Shed Children.....(reminds me of The Fast Show: "Today I Are Mostly.....") we've been blessed with some truly lovely new customers, staying in'n'around the area, or day-tripping to Munmuth, and some even, travelling 'specially to The Potting Shed Monmouth on recommendation from friends and family.
Which Was Nice....!

A couple of really lovely ladies came for lunch, having found us on Tripadvisor, and genuinely loved us.

Another lovely couple from Portsmouth were staying in Symonds Yat, a hugely lovely tourist attraction, (not them - the place?).....really enjoyed their lunch, and their visit to The Potting Shed, and promised to Tripadvise to promote our lovely business.

And it was a bit inclement outside with their dog to eat, so were truly grateful, a lovely couple from Newnham-on-Severn to have lunch inside our rustic tearoom.  Not only did they enjoy their Smoked Haddock Chowder, but sincerely raved about it, being 'foodies themselves', which is generosity in itself in the praise department.
And too, one of the loveliest compliments anyone has given me since my Potting Shed Adventure began a year ago:  "....and you are so caring towards your customers - it really shows..."

On which note, I'll leave you to enjoy your Easter Holidays.x

Incidentally, I mentioned to some Potting Shed Customers today about my blog, and that I've now got 34,000 'Odd' Blog Readers..... (do you feel odd?!!).....and they rather SENSIBLY pointed out that it would be VERY unfair of you all to turn up for Afternoon Tea at The Potting Shed WITHOUT phoning ahead to book in advance?!
So just DON'T - Okay?!x

Bless you all for being here.
And Hello Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine!x
My Love for now,

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