Sunday, 1 March 2015


You know what?  It's been a really tough January/February to come out this side of it into March, but honestly, hang out The Flappy Bunting, the sun is making more regular appearances to kick-start Mother Nature into wearing that lovely Spring Green Frock of hers', and it won't be long now till we're in full swing!

I'm quite surprised that Trousers and I have managed to stay such good friends, having to look at each other for quite so many hours in a day for the past two months!..... Thankfully, the silences have been broken, and the atmospheric 'cutting knife' put back in The Potting Shed drawer, with the slow but steady arrival of happy and friendly customers on a daily basis since the New Year dawned.

That's what I love about this Potting Shed Business - My Customers.
They've been so supportive, and hugely complimentary about the business, spreading the word about us, leaving lovely comments on Tripadvisor about us, and bringing more and more friends and family members to see us when they visit, that they're almost Family themselves to us now.
And with us opening our doors 7 Days A Week again from this Tuesday 3rd March, we'll be pleasing many more of them, more of the time....x

Until then, we enjoyed a day off today with a drive out to Whitlenge Garden Centre in Hartlebury for a bit of a new-season friendly motivational 'hug' from our Friendlies; Fran and Keith, who started their own business there in a similar vane to us, many moons ago.

Their hugely popular Garden Centre & Creative Landscaping Business, with exhibits at Chelsea Flower Show, have won Fran & Keith many an Award.
Whitlenge has a lovely Tearoom/Cafe, where Wellie had a toasted teacake this morning, and Trousers, rather unsurprisingly, had a Big Boys' Cooked Breakfast Boys'n'Girls?

There are crafts and gifts, and it's very Child-Friendly, with designated Play Areas, an extensive range of beautiful garden plants, and a really fabulous private garden for you to follow a seasonal trail through, full of inspiration, and lots of fun for the whole family.  And they can even cater for functions/children's parties too.

When we were last there, we bought some rustic wooden balcony panels for The Potting Shed Garden, and our 'Tame Builder': Gordie, wanted a few more of them to play with in a couple of weeks' time?
In fact, Children, scroll back to my Blog entry dated 11th December, 2011, and see what a lovely Tool Box Gordie has!

With March marching on, and the possibility of our Alcohol License being granted in the next week or so, that potential for new business opportunities opens The Potting Shed Door even wider....with longer Sunday Trading Hours for our Customers to enjoy Cream Teas, or a fruity glass of Pimms in the garden, a glass of wine with lunch, and even 'pre-theatre Suppers', if we want to, having both The Savoy and The Blake Theatres on our keep your fingers crossed for us, why don't you.

And if you haven't become a Follower of my Blog here, or find us on Facebook and Tripadvisor, and things, where you can Goggle at some photos.
To be honest Kids, I've not stumbled unceremoniously into the land of Twitter yet... (too much compost under my fingernails maybe?) but one of these fine days when I have time on my hands, have made the acquaintance of a three year old child who's been on Twitter since they were born, I'll get them to teach me, eh?!x

Until next time, take care my friends.

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