Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fireworks, Rainbows & Lollipops.....

.....Allegedly, life is too short to go without them?

I suppose it's because they're "Oooh!"...."Aaaah!" and....."Mmmm!".
And I only mention this, because my friend M text it to me the other day.

To be honest, FIREWORKS have never really 'blown my frock up', being more of a 'Sparkler In The Dark' kinda girl. I can't get over how much they cost, (Fireworks, not Sparklers), how brief their enjoyment, and the anti-climactic disappointment I feel when the sky returns to dark, like they'd never been there in the first place.... It might just be that 'I'm A Miserable Git', that we only afforded Sparklers when I was little, or that I prefer a good old-fashioned Mother Nature Sunset, with a chilled glass of.

Whereas, give me RAINBOWS any day of the week, and watch Wellie chase them, in search of that elusive pot of gold. Give me a DOUBLE RAINBOW, and I'm doubly happy, chasing it to the ends of this earth and beyond for the dreams in my heart.

LOLLIPOPS, on the other hand, are like 'A Hug on A Stick'. And depending on the level of Hug you're after, you can have 'A Boring Hug', 'A Funny Hug', 'A Sherbet Hug', 'A Frozen Hug' on a hot sunny day, or just have 'A Moment Hug' and bite its' ruddy ears off if you're that cross Children?!x

So that's where Wellie stands on the Fireworks, Rainbows & Lollipops front, in case you were wondering.

And M left me a little GoodyBag on the front door knob, with a card saying "I'm Missing my friend", a beautifully perfumed potted candle, and a ceramic heart, saying: "Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you feel, and smarter than you think."

Which, no doubt is true, given that I've been a whole week without my beloved Black Cat now today, this Mothering Sunday.

And one of our lovely Potting Shed Monmouth Customers, bought us a Lavender to plant for BC.
Thank you Susan.x

We decided BC would like to lay down for her Big Sleep in front of The Funny Farm kitchen window, where I can chat away with her, like I've always done every morning and evening.

And I'll be 'Colouring Her Happy' under Mother Nature's Duvet with some beautiful Sarah Raven Mixed Cut Flower Seeds, kind of 'throw'n'grow' stylie - picking regularly throughout the summer to take to The Potting Shed for filling the kiddy-wellie-vases on the tea tables.

I've planted my Special Garden Fairy beside her, to keep her company for now.

I miss you Babe, and love you always.x

Around the world, those of you who are reading my blog once again, Bless You, Thank You, and See You Here Next Week.

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