Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Delicious Miss Wellie

I only said to Trousers last evening, as we were watching the Delicious Miss D, that there must also be some very grumpy other delectables in the cooking corners of the TV world, throwing their teddies out of the pram? On a personal level, I viewed the first of her series, and hated it. I watched the second, willing myself to find another negative, and she completely 'hit the spot' for me, and I completely and utterly GOT what the programme wanted to convey. DOH?

I'm sure you'll all disagree with me, but if you take it, as a cookery programme, I think you'll find that it is, rather successfully, playing to camera, a younger and more modern 'You Know Who', but the majority of us are still shopping on a budget, rather than "Ooh! I feel rather melancholy today, so I might spend a fortune on something for Supper?"....

Actually, I rarely get to watch The Box, as you know, because Trousers has exclusive rites to the tv remote control, and of course, that's why women (allegedly) have such tiny feet, so they can get closer to the kitchen sink.... Laugh? I almost bought a round!

Okay now.... Wild Garlic Leaves only come but once a year my friends, and I missed harvesting them by an Midget's Wotsit last year when we moved?! so this year, I thought I'd take complete advantage of Mother Nature, and make some Wild Garlic and Nettle Pesto.
I can almost hear you all sniggering into your compost encrusted sleeves right now, but I promise you, it is truly, truly delicious. And now that I've frozen little ice-cube portions of it, I can pop one or two into soups or sauces, at my own leisure.

Now I won't tell you again Trousers....
Post the photos up in the opposite order that you think they should be honeybunny, because that gives Wellie half a chance of talking about them properly.
Honestly.... you just can't get the staff round here?!

So....I see we have yet another 'Follower'? Good ON you, and you are most welcome. X

Honestly, you're all completely Nuts, but we do so enjoy you being here.
I have fun writing it, previewing it, editing it, posting it...
Trousers has fun reading it at The Crack of Sparrow 'art the following morning, and you get to read it, at your own leisure, whenever you choose to.

I'm going to leave you with one very important piece of advice, if I may.
And this is aimed at any one of you, young or old, experienced or a complete novice:
Do NOT look at a weed in your garden and just 'walk on by' My Friend.
I promise you.... for every single weed that you pull out of the ground right now, you will save yourself A MOUNTAIN of weeding later during the summer months if you DO IT NOW!, and then when all you want to do is 'Chill' in your own garden space during the hot summer months with a cool Pimms, or a home-made ice lolly, you will, indeed, be able to do that, and just admire your beautiful back yard..

Now then... where did I see that recipe for homemade lollies with Vodka in?! Mmmm.....X

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