Monday, 19 April 2010

Root'n, Fruit'n, Toot'n My Friends!

Okay, before we start now, let me clear one thing up......
Wellie doesn't have A Hurty Elbow, she has a chipped bone, a dead hurty tendon thingy, and I have to put myself through an extraordinary amount of pain every three or four days now, icing it, massaging it, icing it, and so forth, to heal it. In addition to the chipped bone thingy, the other injury, a few inches away, is a tendon thing, similar to Tennis Elbow.

Don't ya just love it when you go to the osteopath to get 'signed off' for another couple of months?!!

Excellent.... That's sorted then......
When I harvested my red onions, shallots'n'garlics last year (and I did INCREDIBLY badly with them, on account of the fact that I didn't actually have viable vegetable beds?) And now, of course, I've actually had to DIG some!!

I managed to save some of the miniscule ones, and I kind of popped them into some of those cell tray thingies, and, once they got themselves rooted, I replanted them, just now, for a giggle, to see if they amount to anything edible..... And basically, there's no harm in that, if it ends up giving me completely free food.
And mainly, because they were grown here last year, the saved sets/bulbs will have to get used to being grown here now, because every year now, I'm intending to save my own for growing on the following year, whether it be shallots, tubers or seed. Because I kind of want the stuff I grow here to aclimatise to where we live, and grow. Does that make sense to you?
It's not just about the cost of buying new stock, it's also about aclimatising to my 'locale', and growing stuff that's going to love growing where I live, each and every year, and just get better, and betterer.
I'm perplexed now.... Am I growing older and getting wiser, or getting wiser and growing older?

Either way, I shall be a whole 50 this October, and I've been on an incredible journey in the last 10 years of my life, sowing, growing, knowing, and now, who'd believe it, 'Showing'....

At this stage of my 'Wellie Workshop', I make no excuses for Prettiness here with my noo Strawberry Planter for the summer of 2010. This aluminium thing was in amongst a number of other staging items quite a few years ago, when we bought yet another greenhouse out of the paper, and we cobbled it together again just recently, after our move (which incidentally is a whole 12 months ago, doesn't time fly?) and I had yet another of my 'Ping' ideas one sleepless night. Trust Me....I'm sure I'll find a way for it to come together somehow.....

Normally, a Bulb Planter like this is used for planting bulbs, and no mistake. But I always like to push the boundaries and spread my ideas around for free, because if you've got the right toy for the right joy, then this garden toy can also help you to propagate your Raspberry Suckers children. But I'd suggest not leaving it much later than about the end of April.....

Now to the 'Toot'n My Friends', because I had the most wonderful chance encounter with 'Storming Norman' today in the Co-Op Carpark, and spent nearly half an hour talking about The Village Show scheduled for early July.
For those of you not familiar with the situation, I'm wanting to support our local village produce show this year where we now live for the first time, and I had just so many questions as a 'Newbie', and whether I was allowed 'bits' floating in my fruit jelly, and whether I was allowed a this in that section, or a that in this section.....
He was so incredibly open, and helpful, and informative. He even told me that the 'Recipe Provided' classes kind of provided recipes that were not always correct in their proportions.
But I assured him that I'd already 'sussed that out' from last years' schedule.
How beautiful that he parked his car next to mine, that gave us such quality time to talk. We've only met half a handful of times previous to now.
Norman, I salute you Sir.
The news that the show isn't judged on an RHS points system, and thankfully, only on a 'Wot The Judge Woke Up And Liked Today' basis, is just brilliant news, because it means that my local show is indeed, a local, and very 'enterable' show for every bunny that wants to enter?
I can't tell you how thrilled I am, because even my very worst entry will get credence maybe......
Incidentally, Trousers is always one to notice that we have A New Follower, or two, and you are most, most welcome Friends ..X, and thank you so much for joining us.
I'm unclear as to why people like the blog, but I will continue to 'spout on', and seriously, you may switch off at leisure, because I'm of the Gervais clan: I'm me, and my blog is me too.
I like it. If you don't, then you'd be nuts to read it.
I'm going to leave you with one very important thought, as it is FIZZING in my mouth.....
I bought some 'LOVE HEARTS' for Trousers yesterday. and he left them in front of the monitor, threatening to share them with me.....
So far, they've remained unopened.
Wellie just opened the packet, took the first one out, and it said "Dream Girl", so I eat it, obviously... (I've just peeled back the wrapper on the next one, and it looks like it says "Granny". I'm thinking that Love Heart Sweeties have prolly moved on a tad since I was a GirlGuide, or there's someone upstairs having a bit of a laugh and a joke at my expense this evening?
Thank you so much for being here. X

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