Sunday, 11 April 2010

Move Over Dahling?

Trousers is watching The Golf, and I yelled into the sitting room: "Who sang Move Over Dahling.... was it Doris Day?"
Unfortunately, I can't print his response children, because evidently, he's concentrating?!

But I wanted to bring Wild Garlic leaves to your attention this evening.
I've taken about 500g of them, but only because they are screaming at me underneath a tree in my garden, and I neglected to use them this time a year ago......and once they're gone, they are most definitely gone until the following year, believe me!
But the recipe calls for 50g, and mix them with some roasted pinenuts, or hazelnuts, or walnuts, with olive oil, garlic cloves and lemon juice, and create THE most delicious early spring Pesto. Actually, the recipe says you can use fresh young Nettle tops too, and I LOVE them, so that's a dead cert for a forage around The Funny Farm tomorrow?

If you're going to use it very fresh, stick it in the fridge, and use within a month, if not, freeze it.

Then I thought I might show you how my very new Asparagus Bed is coming on?
And the spears are very spindly and weenie, but I have very high hopes for them next year.

Every person that I've ever spoken to about Wild Garlic, has moaned about how it ruddy well spreads, and I totally, 100% agree with them. But the more I live my life, the more I like to turn any negative into a positive....

(Notice that I haven't ONCE mentioned that Trousers has posted these photos up in a completely Arse About Face Manner that I can't even begin to connect them coherently? See previous mention about making Pesto, and Wellie losing the will to live now....)
And now Wellie has to get her Raspberry Hat on! and actually, she's just loving this!
All of these little Raspberry 'poppets' are completely FREE, new and FREE, FREE, FREE!

And I shall be transplanting them into a completely new Raspberry bed within the week.
Oh, and then wot isn't going on in The Not So Draughty Dutch Greenhouse?

I've got some buckets with a spud tuber in, of differing varieties. I am SUCH a bad liar?!
I'm trying (very trying probably) to steal a few points from Storming Norman in our local Village Produce Show early in July, and I've never, ever, grown/shown tatties before.
If that were the only thing, I'd clearly hold my hand up, but I've got a few Dwarf French Beans in pots now as well?!
Oh, and I sowed some Turnip seeds the other day for the show...
No. I'm beginning to wet myself laughing now?!
Wellie. Take this seriously Dahling..... The Show is in 12 weeks, and not a moment to spare!
I'm up to my armpits in Lettuces (on the advice of my Show Guru Paulottie) who advises that you should sow them successionally, successionally, successionally, because he always has A Lettuce ready before and after, but never when it's needed, and I'm growing some Peas, and Mangetout, and Amsterdam Forcing Carrots (and others just in cases)?
I can't SLEEP anymore? I'm not EATING?
No, honestly, I am joking....
I'm having fun knitting a damp edition of the Radio Times, and in my spare time, I am actually taking the show seriously. At 30p a class entry, I'm wanting to spend my money wisely.
Got a brilliant Jelly for the Jelly Class, provided one's allowed to have 'bits' suspended in one's jelly, obviouly.........
Must join The WI when I have a spare moment in my life....X
Love You, Squeeze You.

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