Sunday, 11 April 2010

If it aint broke, don't fix it....

If it IS broke, that's a right royal pain in the wotsit, no?!
The Decking Screw sheered off, making the ruddy thing collapse.....
How on earth did this little mishap occur, when Trousers so beautifully built it, with skill, and finesse, and everything?!
And Flobby Flobalob sitting there all innocent, promising me that he had nothing to do with it. Naturally, I believe him, because Trousers has blamed it entirely on me, and some faulty Decking Screws, that Wellie bought.
But, then again, I'm finding, that Trousers is very very grumpy at the moment, and that everything is my fault.

Or is there actually, really, positively, such a thing as The Male Menopause ....?!

You see, like me, my cat is a full-blooded female. The two of us get on 'famously', and in my eyes, I'm simply gorgeous, and so is she. Absolutely not one jot of testosterone in sight.... and the two of us have SO much fun, every single day.

Who's Queen?!

I'm sure that the inventors of Environmesh would be prepared to admit 'on camera' that they made it for their cats' comfort, and not to protect crops from pests?!

Where we used to live, I made a lot of mistakes in the design of the garden, not taking account of nature, its seasons, and its beauty? And so I'm very mindful of that in my new garden.

Whilst I want to sow and grow as much of our own food as possible, I also want the garden to look good as much of the time as possible, and not end up looking like an allotment.

And please don't mis-quote me here ( because we had an allotment, and I love allotments). Because I'm growing stuff for us to eat directly outside of every window in the house, I want it to look as attractive as it can possibly be, in order to 'wow' me when I look at it.

For instance, I'm intent on growing Leeks in the square bed in front of my kitchen window, just so that I have something beautiful, rather than a bare square of soil to look at during the winter?....

Having said that, I don't want it SO much of a pretty garden, as to not allow the fruit, veg, and herbs to flourish in their own right. And I'm finding that this time around, I'm doing a pretty damn good job with my planning and planting, even though I say so myself.

Nobody in this life is perfect, and my cat and I are prime example, obviously.....!

Love You, Squeeze You.

Have you got the patience to read yet another blog? I'll ask Trousers kindly to post up the photos for the next one.........

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