Monday, 1 August 2011

Babs's Annual Alzheimer Hog Roast Fundy with Friendies

Trousers and I love to support Babs with this event when we're able to, particularly this year, because her gorgeous husband, Derek, sadly died of his illness a few months back, and even though I knew him for the shortest time of two years, he was a particularly special 'Twinkle' to visit whenever I popped into their home, as Barbara herself always is.
Which is why I decided to put our friend Lyn as the first photograph here on this weeks' Blog update,  because the sheer fun written all over her face tells a thousand stories of how much fun she, and totally the six of us had yesterday afternoon. 
Trousers and myself, Pippy and Lyn, and thank you so much to Ian and Medina who agreed to join us to make it that much more special.

Trousers and Pip are 'two naughty little schoolboys' and went over early in the proceedings to the Ladies' Lucky Dip Stall, pulling out a Dip each for Lynnie and I, all wrapped up in Happy Birthday Paper (see an episode of Vicar of Dibley children?!)  and naturally, us two girlies were unsuitably thrilled with our new bags, not quite knowing if they were Washbags, or Handbags......? and so decided that, if Wellie 'puts them aside for 2012 Itton Village Produce Show Raffle Prizes' and puts a date sticker on them, every time they get recycled, we could track their whereabouts for quite a number of years, or even decades to come?!

Trousers childishly sprayed Pip with the spurious perfume from Lynnie's Lucky Dip winnings, and he spent the rest of the day smelling like A Tarts' Boudoire, Crackling, Apple Sauce, the most gorgeous Lemon Posset Pudding, and Meringue.  Incidentally, the meringues are the best meringues in the entire world, and you will never ever put a more moorish meringue in your mouth.  So contact me for a ticket for next year, and you too could have this much fun.  I dare you!  (I'm watching you all from UK, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and the like, so don't be shy in sticking your head up above the parapet, because it would be lovely to meet you, especially if one of you from Ireland turned out to be my favourite all-time vegetarian chef, Denis Cotter.  Obviously! (see Wellie faint.....)

Ian, you're incredibly photogenic, but I apologise, and please humbly forgive that Trousers snapped you without your permission?....X.

At the end of the Hog Roast, any meat surplus to requirements was sold off to any willing Porker at £1 a bag, making yet more money for the Alzheimers Trust, and I suppose I can forgive Trousers 'for charity' just this once, given that he got carted off from work in an Ambliance last Thursday morning with a suspected Heart Attack, phoning me from Gloucester Royal Hospital to tell me as much, scaring the living PANTS off me in the process....(Ian, Medina and myself agreeing yesterday that the Welsh for Ambliance was Ambwlance, with a WubbleYew),  then deciding: who cares, let's have another glass of wine?!)  Which made a mockery of me wanting to kill Trousers myself, boys'n'girls if he continues to smoke and eat the junk he does in his van at work, but it's only because I happen to love him that I want him to take better care of himself when I'm not there to do it for him, so that he can look after me in my old age, him being my Toy Boy, eh?!
 What with the bags of Hog, the Washbags, Spurious Perfume, Candles, Box Set of 12 Disco Legend DVDs, Bags of Hog Roast, and with Pip winning his second food hamper of the afternoon, Lynnie was adamant that they had no more room in the car to take it all home? And what one would do with a Globe Artichoke at this lateness in the afternoon was anyone's guess.....?  At which point, I gave her the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that Trousers had won in the raffle for me, because she admitted that she'd drink it, and I can't stand the stuff, and I acquired that box set for next years' Produce Show Raffle.  Sorted!
 Okay.... now I want to introduce you to my friend Medina, and to straight away, and categorically assure you that she isn't feeding her chooks with red wine-laced corn?!  Trousers and I had given Ian and Medina a ride home after Babs's fantastic Hog Roast, and the four of us spent yet more quality time together in their beautiful, beautiful garden.  How lucky they are to live in such fantastic surroundings, and I'm really looking forward to spending time with Medina putting together the Schedule for the 2012 Itton Village Produce Show, because not only do they keep Chooks, they grow all their own Fruit and Vegetables, their borders are well-stocked with shrubs and herbaceous, and looking into keeping Bees as well, (with the newly-named 'Swarming Norman's' help)....... all of which is why I chose her to help me put my first 'proper' Village Produce Show on the Itton map, since Pat and Alan Beattie have, I think, properly retired from it now.
...and she'd never tell you herself, but she's 'The Marmalade Queen' ?! because, quite frankly, her own was far superior in the 2011 Show, and she has the Statificates in her laundry room to prove it, because I've seen them..... High Five Sweetie!

Thank you for watching again kids, and hopefully catch you next time I'm here.X.
Bless You.X

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