Monday, 15 August 2011

Shall I go for a Culinary Hug?

 Now ya see me.......
 Now ya don't... And it isn't my beautiful little chocolate-brown Black Panther of A Gardening Cat that I'm referring to neither.  It's what us Horticultural Peeps call potato haulms/top growth. Largely, as I was saying to my friend 'The Marmalade Queen' this afternoon on the phone, I cut the haulms off because there were clear signs of Blighty on the foliage, and not wanting the disease to transfer down underground to the tubers themselves, I'm more in favour of this course of drastic action than digging the Maincrops up yet (unlike Terry Walton of BBC Radio 2 Allotment fame, who did that the other week on the radio).  The reason that Wellie can't follow in his brilliantly muddy footsteps, is that, whilst the Mayan Gold HAVE set their skins, so would be perfectly 'diggable' to store for the coming winter, my Pink Fir Apple maincrops are still, like two Bunnies in Love with a big warren to fill, producing babies.  And having had a ruddy good 'furtle', those I harvested have not yet set their skins properly, so will not be viable to store.  (Considering Anya 2nd Early, so close to Pink Fir to take it's place for an earlier harvest?)
To cut a long story short, I've piled on the mowings from The Orchard to completely cover my underground crops, and I'll have another furtle in a while to determine when is a more appropriate moment.

Excuse my cat, she's just A Very Big Show-Off children?  Unlike her mother, she's just Me,Me,Me,Me,Me!  Me Miss!  Please Pick Me Miss!  Yeah, right!
 Actually, I like the way the sun and shadows make my cat the star of her grassy stage here.  I must show her this when she bounces onto the kitchen table in an hour or two to cozy-on-down with Mummy Blob as I type (why does it take me ages to write these blog updates, 50 years young, can't get on with technology, perfectionist, and a grumpy old woman: IT JUST DOES, Okay?!)
And please don't suggest that I 'get out more', because I'd like to 'stay in more'?  I absolutely adore what I do in my spare time, I adore growing, cooking and preserving, and being in such a gorgeous, gorgeous space on this Funny Farm too?..... (See Wellie seriously looking into making her own cheese from the unpastied cows' milk from the farm when she's done a tad more reading?  Only for Trousers and Myself, obviously......)

Go on, throw something else at me to cook or preserve with!  I asked the very adorable Trousers this evening to look up where and when I can, this Autumn, go on a course to finally get Statificates for a culinary Health'n'Hygiene Course (might have to lose the cat on the kitchen table though, which would be a dreadful shame, eh?!) because I'm sure that my meagre talents are wasted on just the two of our Tummies, and I'd love to put the knowledge, and the one hundred and forty one cookbooks I have to a more financially rewarding purse?  I LOVE it.....

 If you're an avid follower of Wellie's Funny Farm Blog Kids, you'll know that I expect a knock at the door from the Welsh Heddlu jolly shortly, because inadvert,inadvert, I didn't realise that I was growing Poppies that you need a license to grow? and never a truer word was spoken, when I read somewhere Donkey's Years Ago, that a Poppy Seed is perfectly viable, dormant in the soil, for well in excess of 50 years.
Even if the Heddlu were to knock at the door, I'm confident that I could swing it with a Poppy Seed Biscuit?

I chose to take the photograph below because there were Funny Farm Swallows perched along the wires, and, until Trousers uploaded the photo for me, I wasn't sure if I'd captured them, or they'd decided to fly off at the last minute, and make Wellie look like A Prize Plonker?  Either way, I love taking evening photos in this N/NW space, because it's when most of us are winding down after a hard day, and Mother Nature seems to be sat back with a cup of tea and a biscuit for a short while that you can catch her 'unawares' when she isn't looking, snapping every inch of what you feel is YOUR photographic pedestal.
 Okay then.... Trousers chose this photo of The Cat for me to put a feline full-stop to today's blob update, and I'd like to 'paint-ball' the myth that blokes aren't at all soppy and gooey?
Trousers absolutely adores this cat, and this cat absolutely adores Trousers.  When he gets home after a hard day, she is right there with him.  The two of us call that: "Daddy's Cat".  When she's with me, it's "Mummy's Cat".
To be perfectly honest Boys'n'Girls, it can change within the blink of an eyelid at any given moment?!
But as long as my little girl is a happy girl, I care not.  When a cat isn't even 'yours' and she choses to come live with you, that's the only thing that's important.  Not having been blessed with children myself, she is every single thing that I could ever have wished for instead, and no word of a lie.  Trousers, showing childish tendencies on numerous occasions, will have to cuddle up second, even though he is the most importance of my entire life.

Whilst I'm here, I must just say 'Hi' to Medina's friends that she's put a nod to in the direction of our blog for them to view the madness that goes on in this space, because I love it when the grown-up silliness of my blog is enjoyed by just one, and then beautifully passed onto another like-minded soul for yet another to giggle at.
Talking of which, I never ever thought that I would stand before you, and 'fess up' to fame that I'd mentioned my very favourite Irish Chef, Denis Cotter more than ten times on my Funny Farm blog since I started 'wittering on' for these last couple of years?, but Trousers was SO 'blown away' that Denis's girlfriend, Maureen, left a comment for me on my 'Light, Shade, Shape, Form, Fun ' blog update a week or two back, that he's suggested to me that Denis might want to take a restraining order out against me?  Naturally, I'd be 'thrilled'......Equally importantly, I am so looking forward to cooking some of his beautiful recipes for these special friends of ours'. and squirreling away our own Funny Farm Summer Harvests, so that I can cook more of his recipes in the depths of our very British Winter. 

I have honestly said that Trousers and I aren't Vegetarian on a number of occasions, because I mean it?
Just be true to the food that you adore, and deal with food on your own level.  I absolutely ADORE cooking with vegetables, and that's why I grow our own, and adore Denis Cotter in the same sentence..  I'm not going to be 'banging on' about Denis in every single blog-update (okay then....every 'other' one?!) or he really will think that I'm worthy of a 'get this girl locked up!

Medina is vegetarian, whilst Ian isn't.  That, to me spells a Dinner Party Challenge, and I know just how to please both of these people all of the time, or shoot me.

I'm Wellie.....
Pleased To Meet You.

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