Sunday, 14 August 2011

Allo, Allo, Calling Blightie Old Chap?

All of you living 'abroad', whether it being in the next County, the next State, or the next Country from me here right now will never understand the Blight Space that I am in right now..... it's a risk never worth taking, unless you disregard the importance of storing a Potato crop that you might want to use in the winter.   Eh?  Which is just exactly why I've harvested everry tomato too? To be perfectly honest.
 One of the reasons that I adore where Trousers and I have chosen to live, is that there's a life very Welsh, with such an English hint, and isn't ruled by a certain cheese, or a hoody.  It's a beautiful Village feel, if you stand your own ground, taking your own life in your hands, but, with quirkiness that I simply adore to be amongst, and having just 'put to bed' my first Village Produce Show, I've witnessed the beauty of villagers already half way through their next Embroidery for the 2012's Village Show already so soon.  You see where I'm coming from Children?!
I did spend time this week pricking these seedlings out to 2" apart, as the seed packet suggests, but I'm sure you've got better things to do than listen to me talking about that, because if you didn't grow it from seed yourself, in a month or two, you'll be paying a fortune for these from your local Garden Centre.
And there I rest my case......

Trousers uncovered my mate 'Tippy' here today/toady underneath the discarded Potato Haulms on the grassy paths, and Trousers, I have to fess up to you, does not do Moving An Amphibian, Clearing Up Cat Sick, or Giving His Girlfriend a Kiss.
So, 'Tippy' and me got t'gripps with a bunch of lawn-mowings, and an empty flowerpot.  We had 'words', and by the time I came back to scoop him up, before Trousers did with the Briggs'n'Stratton, Tippy Twinkle Toads was beautifully tucked up, where I wanted him,  with a couple of wayward slugs.

When I 'bag' a goodly amount of fruit from The Orchard Floor, it's because I've  actually really worked for it.  At least twice a day I walk my Gardening Cat into The Orchard.  Her and me spend quality time sourcing these lovelies.....  ?  Don't be fooled into thinking that these fruits just 'arrive on my doorstep'
Trousers mowed the whole of the kitchen garden today by Himself.  Woopy-Doo Children, and when he'd finished, Wellie mowed The Orchard,raked it to be certain of newly-dropped Orchard Floor, and then she promised Him Raspberries for Tea?
And why wouldn't I? XX

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