Sunday, 7 August 2011

Grown, and Sewn With Love

 More's the pity......but this isn't a Funny Farm 'Lamb Chops', because Trousers won this particular Leg in The Village Produce Show Raffle back in early July (although I think you'll find, Trousers my darling, that your friend Pipster still thinks you 'half-inched' His Raffle Ticket?!)   It was kindly donated as a Raffle Prize by Mr. Roger Raffle Him Very Self, who actually reared it.  Trousers cooked it to perfection today, studded with Rosemary and Garlic, picked a small and tender Cabbage from the kitchen garden, whilst I pulled some Carrots, and tipped out the remainder of the tub-grown Lady Cristls, Maris Bards and Red Duke of Yorks.  Being of sound mind, I know that we didn't roast 'the red ones', so whichever of the other white Tatties that he parboiled and roasted, I'm here to tell you that they roasted up a treat; fluffy soft on the inside, and grown-up crispy on the outside, a bit like myself..... with homemade Goosegog & Mint Jelly, which was surprisingly, but thankfully very very moorish indeed.

Trousers was in full culinary flow, searching out a Strawberry and Rhubarb recipe to tickle his own fancy..... within the blink of an eye, plumping for an Abel & Cole recipe of 'Strawberry & Rhubarb Bread'n'Butter Pudding', which is winking at me from the corner of the kitchen table as I write (Himself is watching A Ball Game on the television).  Given that I have a very small tummy, and it's way too full already, the pudding is holding up a banner saying 'Wellie's Breakfast'.  Ooh! I can't wait to wake up tomorrow!  (Actually, Children, thinking about it now, perhaps it wasn't such a bright idea to slosh my homemade Strawberry Rum over the top of it as it came out of the oven?)  Ah, what the heck.... Not a Bob Geldoff nor a Boomtown Rat in sight in Wellie's Kitchen of a Monday, so provided I don't get up too early, I could make it Brunch, no?!
Having cleared the grass-clipping mulches from the first'n'second early tatties, I've begun to earth up my first attempt at Sweet Potatoes underneath the Strawberry TableTop Planter.  I'm thinking, that with the Strawberry 'Runners' now almost reaching ground level, that they'll begin to root nicely now into the warmth of that extra comfort blanket.
I'm still perplexed as to how Cabbage Root Fly has managed to nobble some, and not others of my Cauliflower seedlings, when all of them have got Collars on - Bonkers my friend, or wot?
 The Cabbage White Caterpillies are having a feast too, so I'm starting to reduce the nuts in the birdfeeders now in order to direct their attentions to 'the free stuff'.  And whilst harvesting The Tub Tatties today, the ants were sprouting wings in front of my very eyes in the depths of the compost.
 Now don't make your own story up Kids, but Trousers does like a nice Pear, none better than poached in Red Wine, so, given that the Pears are completely 'top heavy' here in their first cropping year, this will be one smiley man latterly.  I've got designs on 'bottling' them (or 'canning' as you American and Canadian peeps say) in a Christmas 'Mulled'  kind of way, because of course no Pear likes to wait around for any man: when it's ready, it's just ready, use it, or lose it, okay?

I know - there's a Globe Artichoke in every photo...  Largely because I had an excellent germination rate, and if they've bothered to germinate for me, they've earned a place in our garden (see Wellie get her How To Prep'n'Cook a Globe notes out for next year, because surprisingly, I never yet have).  I love to learn to do new things, don't you?

And this epitomises everything that I love about my Kitchen Garden, because there's so much stuff growing, to harvest, and to just plain enjoy looking at every day.
It's at times like these that I'm thankful to have spent the time 'designing' the backbone of the garden, giving thought to the shape of the beds, the labyrinth of paths that were ultimately to lead you by the hand to discover round every corner.  Yet if you view it from above, as Trousers has shown previously from upstairs windows, it takes on a whole new beauty.  It is every inch of the beautiful Patchwork Quilt that I set out to make, lovingly, and seasonally, sewn together with edible stitches.

Thank you very much for being with us once again, and please do read the previous blog update, which is also new this weekend for your entertainment.

Have a great week.
Your Wellie.X.

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