Saturday, 6 August 2011

Preserving, Propagating, New Fancy Pantry, and Potential Pants

 Naturally, you've got to take a dry day or two, or three for harvesting your precious Allium crops, and having been far too late planting my self-saved garlic cloves in the spring, with each and every one of my babies having chosen to die and go to heaven, I'm giving my onion harvest a Huge Hug instead, and, pictorially here, I'm 'putting the cart before the horse', because I've been 'smiled on' and have harvested a shed-load more onions than space....
Underneath our garden gazebo-johnnie was my chosen place to dry them all, so, being a bit inventive with the ornamental garden sack truck, the mangle, the arbours and arches, the gates, and whatever else to hand was potentially spreading the load.  But still, with the sheer weight of the alliums under the gazebo, we've had to do a 'Heath Robinson' bodge-it'n'fix'support-system, a propping up of a garden pot on top of a kitchen stool, and a scaffolding plank underneath, so that the Garden Zeebo didn't collapse around the 'bus ticket ears' of our Gorgeous Gardening Cat whilst she's sleepies under it on the table, or one of the chairs of a nighty-night-time.  For those of you not knowing the term 'Bus Ticket' it means that another has taken a couple of chunks out of the edges of one's ear (normally, two fighting felines....) Although, to be perfectly honest, Trousers and I feel much the same about each other on a regular basis, sometimes adoringly, and at other times, Mrs. Bobbit comes to mind, but please don't phone The Police, because we love each other?!

I might just reassure you, that Trousers is feeling much improved from his health scare, but we are both monitoring it on a day by day basis.  Every time he clutchess his 'man boob', I've died inside.... So we  have an understanding now that if he does that twice, and tells me it hurts, Wellie dials for an Ambwlance.

Where I previously had Plum Tomato plants in pots (now transferred to around the gazebo)  I'm thinking ahead to next year now, and I haven't had way too many Wallflowers growing in my garden since Trousers and I first moved to this part of the West Country or Wales even in such a long time, and I absolutely adore them.  The air that they perfume, and the blooms that you can cut to bring into your home is just adorable. And not having a seedtray big enough for a whole packet, I decided to dedicate my 'tabletop planter' to germinate them, because thereafter, I can always germinate some fleece-covered quick cut'n'come-again salad leaves, rocket, and the like, before we're too badly into inclement British weather. 
I think, children, if you look very carefully, that there are a few naughty pawprints evident, even though Herself and Myself had very serious words about the fact that this shouldn't happen?!
 Right, I'm going to 'fess up' to you now, because for months on end, I've been mentally beating myself up that I am SO untidy.  Honestly, no word of a lie, it's driving me completely nuts, and it's been driving Trousers crackers as well (The Cat has been very dipomatic, and not said a word, for which I'm eternally grateful....)  So, having started to build these Pantry shelves myself an eternity ago, enjoying a tad of DIY myself, as I do, I hadn't finished them..
And to be perfectly honest I really really needed 'SuperTrousers' to fly in and help me out of a sticky situation with his Drill, Screws, 4b2's and batons.....  When a Girlie is trying to preserve everything that moves right now in the vicinity of the Kitchen Garden, fresh as a daisy, there's no time to lose.
I hadn't realised that 'SuperTrousers' knew quite as many rude words as that Children?, but we got there in the end, and may I just say, my darling Sweetheart, I cannot thank you enough, and I really truly mean that, because you've just made my dream come true of having my very own, and very first 'Walk In Fancy Pants Pantry'...

Unfortunately for Wellie, last week, I stood before my Doctor, and he quite rightly told me that I was 50 years of age, and it was about time that I engaged my brain, adding for good measure, that "You're A Twit"....  At which point I guesssed that he wasn't best pleased with me?
You never really want disapproval from your own Doctor, but I hold my hands up, because on this occasion, I did wrongly dig for 4 hours solid, didn't do two hours one day then another two hours another day, nor did I alternate which foot I dug with, and I did mow with that heavy mower on that slope .....
I only say this, because I am more than incredibly cross actually with 'myself' for putting others before me, which unfortunately, I seem to do on a regular basis.
And now of course, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having jeopardised all the good work that my Doctor did over those months putting my body right after nearly a year of constant pain.  And until Him and I meet again, which is rather urgent, I have no idea whether he is able to fix me once again, or whether I've shot myself in the proverbial foot for a long time to come.
Bloody Stupid Girl Wellie...

...might make a cake or some pancakes

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