Thursday, 28 May 2015


......... and ACTUALLY, I've 'SO very stolen that' from one of my customers under the tree in The Potting Shed Garden the other day?
Truly, he's been one of our very favourite customers right from the start of our Potting Shed adventures.
And I know he won't mind.......x

I only mention 'Being There', because he TOTALLY 'hit a chord with me' the very minute he said it.

I've watched that film many, many times, and it always 'moves me'.

It was a truly Epic film, starring, Peter Sellers, and if you've never watched it - you should. and as I was busying myself back and forth with my wheelbarrow t'other day.... from The Potting Shed to Shire Hall, from Shire Hall to The Potting Shed, going about planting tubs, so simply just 'being', and in doing that, totally wrapped up in my own little world, with beautiful and happy thoughts, but those thoughts going 'so much further' than was apparent to anyone else around me, and EVERYONE in Agincourt Square passing by were just LOVING what I was doing for the community, and for the local people, and chatting with me, and asking my advice.

BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, and that lovely Tibby Happy Monk.  What's NOT to like about spending a small window in your day just 'thinking happy' just looking at the people around you, wishing all of them every good wish in your heart, and just enjoying every leaf, every flower, and embracing what's so very loverly in and around your daily window.

Being part of a TRUE community, rather than a virtual one, chatting to people that you bump into on a daily basis in a town where you could so easily be lonely, a stranger or a tourist, I think, is a bit special.

So, Just 'Be There' where you're needed and wanted, if you can.

Until next time,

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