Monday, 25 May 2015

WOO HOO!.....

... and I'm saying that, so hugely proudly, because I had a VERY exciting Bank Holiday Saturday Children.

Not only was it THE best day that The Potting Shed Monmouth has had since its inception just over a year ago in terms of 'trading', but a rather lovely lady walked into The Potting Shed Garden with a camera, asked if 'all of this was ME'? and then took both of my hands in hers', looked into my eyes, and told me in no uncertain terms, that one of our customers has nominated us to be included in a new Food Guide for Wales.

And seriously, I would like that person, really, truly, please, to make themselves known to me, whoever you are, so that I can thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I think I must of 'died and gone to heaven' momentarily, because she told me that my 'reaction' was 'just brilliant', and as she left to photograph another local, and very well-deserved nomination to give me time to 'compose ourselves', I could be heard down The Barton going 'WOO HOO!', 'WOO HOO!', 'WOO HOO!'.,,,and 'punching the air' like I absolutely meant it....
What a LOVELY thing to happen to The Potting Shed after only a year of trading.....x

Thankfully, when she returned, the kitchen was in full-swing, and Paul's brilliance totally shone for A Foodie Photographic Shoot to be epically proud of, and in all honesty, the very REASON we're on that map, is because of him.

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