Sunday, 31 May 2015


......TO YOU!x

Because each and every one of you, our lovely customers that have left such beautiful  comments about us on Tripadvisor, have elevated us to ............
No. 5 out of 44 establishments in Monmouth this very week, and Wellie is absolutely 'over the moon and back', jumping up and down like a proper looney with genuine pride.

Truly, I cannot thank you all enough for your personal support for our little business, and I'm glad that Paul and I are doing something that you love to put us on that special pedestal.

With the lull of the late Winter and Spring having sprung now, the trees all leafy green, with a few Plant Deliveries under my Potting Shed belt to 'kick-start' the growing season, it's COMPLETELY odd that the Summer Plant Sales, and for other local retailers too, just is NOT happening.

There's a completely bonkers bloke in Church Street, and he knows he is, (Hi Phil!x) with his EPIC Fruit'n'Veg Shop (just up from THE best Butchers in Monmouth, in my humble opinion: Le Gourmet - Best Homemade Faggots, 'In The World', and we put them on our Menu during the colder months of the year, to warm the cockles of your heart....)  and he said a rather strange, but perfectly true 'thing' to me last Sunday:

"Shelley: the younger generation want to buy stuff that comes back year after year nowadays"?
And I think he's right.

Things ARE a changing?  Going out to eat/drink is a perfectly acceptable reason to spend money, and that money is COMPLETELY 'gone' then, BUT you had a brilliant time.

VERSUS spending that same amount of money on seasonal prettiness to make your patio/garden look good for the ENTIRE Summer...... doesn't seem to be on the same radar of personal enjoyment?

And it don't matter none to me, because I just make scrumptious plant displays, which enhance The Potting Shed Garden, which helps entice customers in, and creates a more verdant environment for them to spend money eating and drinking, and that money is COMPLETELY 'gone' then, BUT you had a brilliant time.....

Did you see what Wellie did there Children?  = Win/Win Scenario.
Clever Wellie........x

Before I finally climb those stone spiral stairs to Wellie Towers tonight, I must just mention my Potting Shed Birds, because they are becoming SUCH a Potting Shed Attraction in their own special space now?

The Fledglings.  My darling little Fledglings are all over The Potting Shed Garden, and the tweeting and twittering is becoming quite beautifully  DEAFENING now as they learn to 'dust-bath', feed and water themselves.

Sooty & Sweep (my blackbirds) are actively feeding their young with the moist sultanas from the 'yesterday Fruit Scones'.
They're a bit 'pissed off' with The Plain Scones for some reason?!

Rockin' Robin (my robin - doh!) is getting cheekier, and more tame by the day.

And my darling little House Sparrow Babies are tame enough now to take crumbs from my lunchtime sandwich just inches from my WellieBoot-Feet whilst I'm sat in my Rocking Chair in the sunshine.

I must have THE most enviable job in the world, and THE most beautiful office on the planet.
And I thank every Angel that's holding my hand right now.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.
Stay Safe, Keep Warm, and Hug Each Other Lots,
Your Wellie Friend
The Potting Shed Monmouth

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