Monday, 25 May 2015

Today, I Are MOSTLY............'Going For Gold'?

GOLD, on a number of....But it's NOT Chelsea, Children! ...
I'm looking through the MONMOUTH Shire Hall & Tourist Information 'WINDOW'? and make it ANY shape of window that fits your world today.

I had a phonecall today, enquiring about the planting up of their 'Seasonal Display Tubs', and when that was 'likely to happen'?
Truly, I am soooo looking forward to doing it this year.

Last year, I offered to rectify the 'alleged' poorly-planted displays outside of Shire Hall that had come under such HUGE criticism on their doorstep, from Tourists, General Public, and Local Residents alike, because (allegedly), the feedback was: "It looked like a 4-year old CHILD had done it"?

Unfortunately, the Powers That Be Who Planted Them, started planting at 'the bottom end of town' by The Public Toilets, continued on up through the town, until they got to Shire Hall/Tourist Information Centre, that encompasses every historical BEING of Monmouth, and then just 'ran out of plants'.....

If that were Me, I'd be tempted to START at the top of town with the very important Tourist Information Centre, and 'run out' by the time I got to The Public Toilets?

AND....for some strange reason, the tourist coaches are encouraged to 'drop Tourists into Monmouth' by The Public Toilets at the bottom end of town.

Many of them, elderly or infirm, with insufficient time or stamina to reach the top end of town, where some of the most gorgeous small businesses are, run out of energy, are desperate for a cup of tea, with insufficient time to enjoy it before having to return to their coach at the bottom end of town by the public toilets......

So perhaps I could send out a very heartfelt and public plea, asking every upstanding Coach Driver travelling to Monmouth, to drop your lovely passengers IN FRONT OF SHIRE HALL, at the top end of town, let them explore to their hearts' content, and tell them 'to meet you down the bottom end of town' when they're ready to join the coach once again?

AND I must just say out loud, that I sooooo LOVED the Coach Driver the other week that a customer told us about that said to them:
"Go down that alleyway there - you must go to The Potting Shed, because it's a cracking little place, and you won't be disappointed?".

And Coach Drivers Visiting Monmouth, please take note:
The Potting Shed WILL feed and water you every time you come to Monmouth with new customers for us, but only with prior notice, as you will appreciate!

I have some rather exciting news for you in my next blog update, and from 'then on in' we're going to have some lovely photos for you all to look at.

Bless you all for your patience with me across your continents.
And thank you for reading my blog once again,

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