Sunday, 17 May 2015


Fledglings, in a manner of speaking, and on a number of levels...........
These two specially-made cakes happen to be gluten-free, but 'Fledgling' refers to the fact that Wellie started off with one recipe, found another one, amalgamated the two, tweaked them both a bit more, and ended up with her Potting Shed version.
  And please don't 'stress me out', or verbally punch my lights out because I've not yet gone Dairy-Free or Vegan, because, one step at a time Children, and I am NOT in the habit of trying to please all of the people all of the time.
In fact, I have a sign just for that very purpose, that reminds people in no uncertain terms, that:
Today is NOT your day, and TOMORROW isn't looking good either?
...........and just in case THAT doesn't 'hit the spot', I've also got a sign that says:
Rest assured though, in all seriousness, that Paul and I both take every aspect of our business, and people's dietary requirements COMPLETELY seriously at The Potting Shed.  Because there's nothing worse than 'going out to eat', and finding that, actually, 'you CAN'T eat', because your Host/Hostess don't care about you?
A goodly number of our customers are Gluten-Intolerant, and just LOVING the Gluten-Free Recipes we're experimenting with/adapting to taste gorgeous, and wanting me to email the recipes to them.  Any diet can be catered for within a phonecall, particularly a day or two ahead of your visit (01600 772299).
BUT!.......In this day of 'self-publishing', what I'm more likely to do, is to put together my own Potting Shed Cookery Book for Sale, and I know I will be disappointing a tremendous amount of you until then, but I promise you, it will be worth the wait my friends.x
And so to The Potting Shed Garden...............with the possibility of the odd 'day-old-scone' or 'redundant piece of cake' at stake, I'm actively encouraging my friends out there to search amongst my plants for various bugs (The Birds, Not My Customers?!) which IS happening, and is horticulturally FAB for me, AND them.x
This little Great Tit Fledgling just appeared at my feet as I was talking to one of our lovely customers this morning, chirruping away, (the bird, not the customer?), having clearly 'lost it's mummy', or 'been kicked out of home', and was quite happy for the extensive 'photo shoot' that ensued.
Eventually, the little darling found its' wings sufficient to find cover in a leafy Elderflower bush
just outside of the garden, which I was much happier with, given that it was safer there from larger, more predatory nasties (like Magpies or Gulls).
At least twice a day I 'call my birds into the garden' with a personal call that they all know me by now after a year of 'looking and sounding like an idiot', and it's just so rewarding to experience that deafening TWITTERING 'n' TWEETING, in the 'true sense of the word' that just brings a song to your ear, a twinkle to your eye, and a smile to your heart.
Every single day that I wake, I open my eyes, and know that I have the beauty and bounty of The Potting Shed Garden and Tea Room as 'My Beautiful Office' Today.
Bless you for Listening.
Have a lovely week across The World Where You Are My Friends.
Your Friend, Wellie.

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