Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pas de Mouse at The Funny Farm now thankfully.......

....and just why the heck I'm speeking Franglaise all of a sudden, is a mystery ?

Oh No - I know!  Monmouth Town had a twinning with a French Town, and I only just found this out this year, being 'Newcomers' to Monmouth as THE POTTING SHED MONMOUTH a New Business, and Paul ADORES France, having lived and cooked en france professnially ....
and I went into the brilliant Party/Fancy Dress Shop in Munmuth, down from the Music Shop on the corner, to buy a Welsh Flag, and a French Flag, to wave from our Potting Shed A-Board between Church Street and Agincourt Square to show our support.

Unfortunately, I was 'late to the party' because the entire Monmouth Retail Outlets already KNEW that every year there was a French/Welsh 'Twinning', and, wanting to keep 'The Flags' to themselves, I only managed to secure two flags of completely different magnitudes, the last two left for sale , but secured them to our A-Board that day, in the spirit of the theme, and by the following morning, they'd been stolen.

Getting back to my Franglaise, we have had a 'Super-Mouse' living with us in the dining-hall and sitting-room at The Funny Farm for just as long as my beautiful, beautiful demised BC Gardening Cat has been asleep, and I feel rather 'liberated' (see Wellie jump up'n'down with joy) to NOT have it (the mouse) living with us anymore.

If you're a Cleudo Game Player my friends: don't bother wasting time trying to work out 'WHO DUNNIT AT THE FUNNY FARM'?,  because I can TELL you that it WAS Paul, WITH The Raisin, ON The Mouse Trap, IN The Sitting Room.

Woo Hoo!  Wellie's got her Sense of Humour Back Children?!x

The Potting Shed is looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL my friends now with all of my plants, and I promise to show you photos very soon, and bring you more news.

You may be interested to know that we are now No.8 out of 40-something in Monmouth on Tripadvisor with the fabulous comments that our customers are leaving there for us.

And whilst most of our lovely customers do 'get us' in our quirkiness and beautiful surroundings, we are hugely open to adverse comments and customers that do NOT appreciate the extra mile we go, or the beautiful surroundings that we provide....

What I adore about Monmouth Town is the wonderful camaraderie of 'us lot' at the top of the town when you get into Church Street above Agincourt Square.  And the daily 'banter', like we're Market Traders toggevver.
It's a bit like watching NOTTING HILL, without Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but with Phil Munday Fruit'n'Veg, Duncan Le Gourmet Butcher...... a street-full of completely bonkers locals.
And then Wellie.x

Take Care My Friends for now,
and thank you, thank you for reading my blog once again..x

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